Will Refinancing My Car Help Or Hurt My Credit Score?

A couple consulting with woman about an auto refinance

Your credit score can impact many factors of your life. Everything from insurance and interest rates to how much you can borrow for a mortgage relies in some respect on your credit score. A great credit score can open many doors, but the opposite also holds true.  Our [...]

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Why Get Pre-Approved For A Car Loan

get pre approved for a car loan

Buying a car is a big deal! You’ll probably feel nervous when you show up at the dealership or start searching online. Trying to find the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle and budget is stressful enough without worrying about financing too. When you arrive at the lot, [...]

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Is 0% Financing The Best Rate You Can Get For An Auto Loan?

Happy Couple at car dealership

0% financing on a car loan almost sounds too good to be true. It seems like the best deal on the surface, but is it really? The truth is, 0% financing through a dealership can actually cost more than a low APR loan through a credit union. For [...]

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Member Appreciation Celebration

  Member Appreciation Commerce Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first member appreciation event. We had a great day! A big thank you to Anne & Ryan from Q92 for joining us along with ice cream treats served by Mike and his ice cream truck [...]

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Back-to-School Drive

TEG Gives Back Logo

It's almost time for kids to head back to school. Let's help ensure that every student has the basic supplies they need to succeed! At TEG FCU, we feel it is both an honor and privilege to give back to the communities we serve. After all, "people helping [...]

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When Is A Good Time To Refinance An Auto Loan?

Car Key on top of dollar bils

When Is A Good Time To Refinance An Auto Loan? Most consumers are familiar with refinancing a mortgage loan as a way to reduce their rate and monthly payment. However, not as many are familiar with the process of refinancing an auto loan, know what to expect, or [...]

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Scam Alert – Members Beware – Telephone and Text Scams

scam alert

Please be aware of a phishing telephone scam that some credit unions across the country are reporting more frequently. Members are receiving phone calls from fraudsters posing as a credit union employee, who tell them that their account has been compromised or that their credit/debit card will be [...]

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Fraud Alert: Online Retailer Scam

online shopping scams

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular for people this year, the Better Business Bureau warns that scammers are using the name of popular retail companies to steal individual’s money and information. The “2020 BBB Scam Trackers Risk Report” found that online purchase scams made up 38.3% of all [...]

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7 Benefits Of Obtaining A Personal Loan

an ariel view of a stressed out man holding credit cards next to a table of bills

Personal loans can be a useful way to obtain extra money when you need it. For example, if you run into an emergency, you might not have the funds available to meet your needs. If you’re planning a large life event like a wedding, you may want a [...]

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Three Good Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

happy couple in front of their home

Saving more on your mortgage doesn’t need to be difficult. Backed by historically low rates and community-based member service, refinancing your home mortgage with TEG FCU has never been easier! 1. To take advantage of lower interest rates Refinancing a home loan with a lower mortgage rate can [...]

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Sign up for eStatements & get $10 PLUS be entered to win $500 prize

Holding up cellphone with bank statement on it in front of trees

Sign up for e-Statements and get $10 Plus get entered to win one of five $500 prizes We at TEG Federal Credit Union don’t want you to get e-Statements because it’s green. Saving trees and time is a great reason for you to want to get e-Statements. The [...]

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How Do Personal Loans Work? [Beginner’s Guide]

a woman calculating personal finances and debt

Sometimes you need a bit of extra cash. Maybe you’ve run into an emergency or want to finance a major life event. Or perhaps you want to consolidate debt to avoid exorbitant interest rates. Regardless, sometimes you need to preserve your savings and cover additional costs. This is [...]

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2021 Annual Meeting

Annual Report 2020

Our 52nd Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, March 25, 2021. You can view the live recording of our Annual Meeting and the Chairman of the Board’s Message in the video below! You can view a copy of the 2020 Annual Report here.

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Can You Refinance A Personal Loan?

a woman looks at her bank statement and loan balance.

Personal loans are an excellent tool for debt consolidation, making home improvements, buying big-ticket items, and covering unexpected expenses. Personal loans are one of the most versatile loans because you can spend the money on your terms. Still, if you have a personal loan, you might not be [...]

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Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards

Complete Guide to Using a Credit Card

If you need to borrow money to make a major purchase, should you apply for a credit card? Or is a personal loan the better option? If you ask a credit union rep, they’ll say the answer depends on several factors, including interest rates, the amount of your [...]

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TEG Retirement & Advisory Services- Financial Fitness Checklist Workshop

Checklist with Blue Pen

This checkup covers all the important aspects of your life: family, goals, business or work, health, money, estate, retirement, and your future. It can help you identify those areas that could use some attention. After you've finished the checkup, taking steps now to improve your financial fitness could [...]

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How Much You Can Borrow With A Personal Loan: Guide + Calculator | TEG FCU

personal loan guide and calculator

Personal loans are an extremely versatile financial tool. However, many borrowers aren’t sure how much personal loan they can get. Every financial situation is unique. Plus, many factors go into how much you can borrow. Understanding some quick and easy basics will give you an idea of how [...]

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Wants vs. Needs

Needs versus Wants

What is a “want?” And what is a “need?” While everyone has their own wants and needs, being able to differentiate between the two can be difficult. Being able to clearly define each can help you improve your savings, which can help you build up an emergency fund, [...]

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Types of Expenses


  Fixed expenses, variable expenses, and irregular expenses are the three categories that make up your budget, and are vitally important when learning to manage your money properly. When you’ve committed to following a budget, you must know how to put your plan into action. Here we outline [...]

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Financial Checklist

Checklist with Blue Pen

As you prepare to pack up holiday decorations and say goodbye to an unprecedented year, don’t close the book on this year just yet. Set yourself up for success by reviewing your finances before January 1. Grab your favorite mug, fill it with hot chocolate, snuggle up by [...]

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