Switch to TEGFCU eStatements and enter to win $100

TEGFCU eStatements

TEGFCU eStatements are your best option.
Fast. Secure. Convenient. Always Available.

Your bank statement is a vital tool for keeping track of your withdrawals and deposits, but more importantly, it also helps you become aware of suspicious activity and possible fraud.

Get TEG eStatements and enter to win $100. Fast – Avoid USPS postal shortcomings, delays, and lost mail. If you have a problem with your account, waiting for a statement that might never arrive can be bad. Get the same exact information as your paper statements.
Get TEG eStatements and enter to win $100. Secure – Go paperless and protect yourself from identity theft by eliminating the risk of losing or stealing your mailed statement.
Get TEG eStatements and enter to win $100. Convenient – Access your TEGFCU eStatements anytime, anywhere, for up to 18 months.
TEGFCU Green and Clutter
Free – Storing your TEGFCU eStatements digitally can have a positive environmental impact. Not only can too many documents put your information at risk, but they also take up precious space. Since you only print what you need, you reduce paper usage and waste.
TEGFCU Good for You. Good for the Credit Union – Switching to TEGFCU eStatements is a win-win for you! They are more secure, save time and money, and reduce clutter.

Printed statements are expensive for us.  TEG spends thousands of dollars monthly on postage, and our costs are increasing. Why can we be so honest about that? As a not-for-profit credit union, we work hard to please you, our member-owners. Together, we all benefit when we spend less.

It’s easy to sign up

1. Log into Digital Banking from your computer or Mobile App
2. Select the Accounts and Loans Tab
3. Click eDocuments and Select Statements
4. Follow the Instructions to Register for eStatements

First-time digital banking user? Register here.

Switch to eStatements and help

Switching to eStatements can really help you and the credit union. Your Digital account will provide the most accurate picture of your account activity.

We believe that once you start getting eStatements, you’ll realize that you don’t miss paper statements anymore. It will become your new normal. Together we can make a difference.

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