Money Desktop

Take control of your finances! TEG offers MoneyDesktop as a free online banking feature. With MoneyDesktop, you can manage your budget, track expenses, see all of your accounts in one place, and more.

What is Financial Aggregation?

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Account Aggregation

With MoneyDesktop, you’re able to see all of your financial account balances and transactions in one place – even accounts you have with other financial institutions. MoneyDesktop aggregates information from over 10,000 financial institutions so you can get a complete financial picture.


It’s easy to visualize and interact with your budget through MoneyDesktop. By using bubbles to graphically represent your budgets for different types of spending, it gives you a quick way to see which part of your budget needs attention.

Expense Tracking

MoneyDesktop automatically categorizes & tracks spending from all your accounts, so you can see where your money is really going. This information can help you create realistic budgets based on your actual spending, income, debts, and expenses.


We’ve integrated MoneyDesktop into Online Banking to keep your information safe and secure.

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