TEGFCU Philosophy

Credit Union Philosophy

While COVID-19 is bringing new and difficult challenges to so many, the Credit Union philosophy is even more important than ever–“people helping people”. During this time of uncertainty we have seen countless community members step up to help their neighbors in need. Whether it be picking up items from the store for a neighbor or checking on the elderly, our community has come together in solidarity. Regardless of the circumstances, being kind and showing compassion is always the right choice. For most of us, having to unexpectedly leave work or disengage with our community – even if just for a short time – can be stressful. Here are a few tips on how to stay well while at home:

  • -Maintain a routine as much as possible. Whether you are working remotely or homeschooling your children, try to maintain your typical schedule throughout the day.
  • -Practice healthy habits and self-care. Prioritize getting a healthy amount of sleep, eating well, avoiding alcohol, and moving/exercising regularly.
  • -Avoid crowds — but stay connected. Make the effort to stay connected through social media, email, texting, and video calls.
  • -Seek news only from reliable sources. As with all things, we can find ourselves over-consuming news and updates.

At TEG, we’re here – we live, work, and play in the same local communities and we are in this together.