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Document Checklist

Listed below are the documents most often needed to ensure a speedy credit decision on your loan inquiry. Providing this information when submitting your TEGFCU application will help to get the mortgage process off to a fast and efficient start. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call your loan officer.

If you’re a salaried employee:

  • W-2 statements covering the past 2 years
  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days, showing year-to-date and current period earnings

If you’re self-employed:

  • Most recent personal federal tax returns, including all schedules for the past 2 years
  • Most recent business federal tax returns including K-1’s for the past 2 years

If your income is from commission or rental property:

  • Most recent personal federal tax returns, including all schedules for the past 2 years

If you’re retired or disabled:

  • Award letter from the Social Security, Disability, or Pension Fun
  • Most recent bank statements for the past 2 months. Must show your name, account number, and 30 days of activity, and you must document all large deposits
  • Retirement accounts. Must show name, account number, 30 days of activity, plus terms of the withdrawal of the funds, including penalties and mandatory federal tax withholding.
  • Purchase and sales agreement (copy)
  • Name and telephone number of closing attorney and/or title company
  • Homeowner’s insurance agent and telephone number or hazard insurance policy
  • Most recent tax bill if you are refinancing (copies)
  • Divorce decree or separation agreement (if applicable) to show proof of child support/alimony income or to show the exact amount of alimony or child support debt you pay and how long it will continue
  • A letter explaining any known past credit issues or fluctuations in income
  1. Provide all documentation that is requested. Any missing documentation is likely to cause a delay in your loan approval process.
  2. If additional information or documentation is requested, please provide it immediately.
  3. Read all disclosures carefully and ask questions if you need clarification. It is best to communicate all requests and clarifications in writing early in the loan process.
  4. Inform your loan officer of any past credit issues.
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