Health Insurance for College Students

Author Kimberly Lankford Young adults can stay on the family health policy until age 26. But if they go away to college and are outside the insurer's network of doctors, families need to reconsider their insurance options. Q: My son is about to graduate from high school and will [...]

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Smart Financial Planning Strategies to Borrow from Women and Millennials

Author Jean Chatzky We have so much to learn — but so did they. Here’s what they’re doing right. Lately the headlines in personal finance have been pretty bleak — the average 2017 graduate has nearly $40,000 in student loans, millennial homeownership is down, and 39 percent of Americans have no [...]

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How 2006 Changed the Internet

Author Seth Fiegerman During a six-month period in 2006, two pivotal events helped upend the internet as we knew it: Twitter launched in March and Facebook announced News Feed in September. The two services introduced the social media news feed to a mass audience, changing how we engage [...]

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11 Financial Moves Every New Parent Should Make

Author Janet Berry-Johnson What’s one thing you wish you’d known about being a parent before you became one? For me, it’s just how expensive having a child can be. When my son was born over six years ago, I knew our expenses would go up, even though we [...]

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The Biggest Mistake Small-Business Owners Make

Author Alexandra Lozano Many people who decide to open up a new business see it as a way for them to be able to do the work that they are passionate about. For example, a chiropractor or a lawyer opens her own practice so that she can do [...]

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How solid is your succession plan?

Too few business owners give succession planning the kind of consideration they do other aspects of their businesses. Author Kent Bernhard Joe ran an injection molding company, the largest employer in the rural town where he lived. When he met business transition expert Lisë Stewart, he was 79, [...]

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How Much Money Do You Really Need to Retire?

Consider this your financial planning cheat sheet. Author Marianne Hayes Are you on track for retirement? Before you try to answer that question, consider this: The average 65- to 74-year-old, it turns out, spends close to $49,000 a year. If you're wondering if your nest egg is ready [...]

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6 Common Myths About Estate Planning

Sort through the misconceptions of estate planning to create a prosperous future for your family. Author Rachel Hartman While it may be a task that's low on your to-do list, estate planning can provide guidance for your loved ones in the future. It will also give you a [...]

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U.S. Trade Deficit Widens

trade graphic

The goods and services deficit was $53.1 billion in December 2017, up $2.7 billion from $50.4 billion in November 2017, revised, according to a new report from the government. December exports were $203.4 billion, $3.5 billion more than November exports. December imports were $256.5 billion, $6.2 billion more [...]

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Work Stoppages Near Historic Low


There were a total of seven work stoppages 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since the series began in 1947 this is the second lowest number of major work stoppages recorded in a year, the lowest annual total was five in 2009. Major work stoppages [...]

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Yes, You Should Be Prepared to Negotiate Salary


How often do job seekers speak up to secure a better package? Staffing firm Robert Half recently asked this question of professionals, and the results were interesting. For instance, 39 percent of workers tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last job offer. Among people in the 27 [...]

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More Americans Are Buying Groceries Online


Online grocery shopping continues to rise in popularity, according to a new survey from Unata, a provider of digital solutions for grocers. In 2018, 36% of U.S. consumers plan to shop online for groceries, which is up from 22% of those who shopped online in 2017. The 2018 [...]

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Biz Owners Need a Succession Plan

Retire Graphic

Over 70 percent of business owners polled in a recent survey for insurer Nationwide noted that they are not planning to retire, don't know when they'll retire or do not plan to retire for 11 years or more. This isn’t a good thing, since business succession is key [...]

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IRS warns of potential surge in fake CEO phishing scam

Dont Take the Bait Graphic

* This article and image was written by Don't Mess With Taxes and published online on January 19, 2018. With the official start of the 2018 tax filing season just more than a week away, folks have been collecting important tax statements they'll need to file their returns. Identity thieves, unfortunately, [...]

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Subzero Heroes


TEG is proud to sponsor the 2018 Subzero Heroes Jump on February 13 at Berean Park in Highland. We have a group of brave staff members ready to jump into a frozen lake to help the Alzheimer's Association (Hudson Valley Chapter) in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.   Thank you for supporting [...]

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TEG to Award Three $1,000 Scholarships

The TEG Joyce A. Betros Scholarship is a $1,000 gift awarded to three high school seniors who have demonstrated high academic excellence and community service throughout their high school careers. The scholarships will be given to students who are TEG members or whose parents/guardians are members in good [...]

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Shop Smart


We’ve all heard about the consumer psychology at play in the setup of grocery stores. The basics, like eggs and milk, are in the back of the store, forcing you to pass by aisles packed with things you don’t need. The checkouts are lined with impulse purchases aimed [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About The Equifax Breach

equifax data breach logo

In a recently revealed breach, 143 million Americans may have had their personal information exposed. Equifax, one of the nation's three major credit reporting agencies, reported a massive data breach lasting several months. Hackers were able to access people's names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver's [...]

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Newlyweds: Don’t Let Financial Stress Take The Cake

two people having drinks

Of all the things to discuss before marriage, finances are the least exciting. Statistically, money is the top reason couples argue and financial arguments are among the top predictors of divorce. So, how can you avoid becoming a statistic? Here are some ideas from the experts: Talk To [...]

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Financial Tips for Single Parents

Child Learning

Single parenting brings unique budgeting challenges. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that it costs an estimated $241,080 for a middle-income couple to raise a child to age 18 – and many single parents shoulder that responsibility alone. Even with adequate child support, it’s smart to be proactive [...]

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