Every business owner needs a strong partner with a foundation in the local business community who can provide the products and services you count on to help your business grow. When you establish a business account relationship with us, you give your company and your employees a power-house of valuable tools, resources, and benefits.

We take the time to understand the needs and trends of many industries and find methods that are right for you. We look forward to providing you with safe and sound business solutions, please contact us today!

Diane Elias, Relationship Manager & Commercial Lender

With a significant amount of experience in Business Development, Commercial Lending and Portfolio Management, Diane has worked at community lenders like Greater Hudson Bank and Ellenville National (now Provident Bank) as well as large commercial banks.  Prior to coming to TEG, Diane was a VP with Key Bank where she managed an $80M+ portfolio consisting of commercial customers in the Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and Sullivan County markets.

Diane is based out of our Solutions Center in Wappingers Falls and can be contacted by phone (845) 452-7323 x1269, on her cell (845) 464-2001, or by email.


Amanda Friedemann, Commercial Loan Specialist

Amanda started off on the consumer side as a teller and has increased her knowledge base and is now working on the commercial side. In her role, Amanda specializes in helping both current and potential business members have the right financial tools for the various needs of the their company. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, purchase new materials, or increase your financial stability, Amanda can help you learn more about your options to attain any future goals. Amanda actively participates with the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals organization, and received her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Marist College.

Amanda is based out of our Solutions Center in Wappingers Falls and can be contacted by phone (845) 452-7323 x1278 or by email.