Joint Account Holders

Currently, user names are attached to the primary account holder. You can verify who the primary is on your account by logging in to our current online banking and seeing whose name is next to the Welcome at the top of the screen, or by looking at who your monthly statement is addressed to. With the new online banking, the primary account holder will maintain their existing user name. The joint account holder will need to create their own user name and password by selecting “New User” on the login page.

Please note: The home screen will give you an overview of all of your primary and joint accounts at TEG in a comprehensive list with available balances in one place.

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts, they will now all display under one user name. Therefore, please select one user name from the multiple user names that you currently have.

Business Account Holders

With the new online banking, your business account will be linked by your Employee Identification Number (EIN) if applicable. If you also have a personal account, it will be linked by your Social Security Number. Each type of account will need a separate user name and password. If you do not currently have an EIN, your account will be linked via your Social Security Number and the home screen will show both your business and personal account information.

Cross Account Access

If you had previously authorized cross account transfers which enabled you to transfer funds from your account to other eligible TEG FCU accounts, please note that after the October 17 conversion, only Call24 Phone Banking will be automatically available for cross account transfers.

You will need to reestablish your cross accounts in the new Online Banking system by linking accounts using the new Member to Member transfer feature.