Shop Smart


We’ve all heard about the consumer psychology at play in the setup of grocery stores. The basics, like eggs and milk, are in the back of the store, forcing you to pass by aisles packed with things you don’t need. The checkouts are lined with impulse purchases aimed at catching your attention – and that of your kids. It’s no wonder a quick run to the grocery finds you spending way more than planned. But you can outsmart the store by following these easy tips:

1. Keep your kids home. If you can swing a supermarket run when the kids are sleeping or when everyone’s at school, go for it. Impulse purchases skyrocket when your cart is loaded with a child begging for “just one more treat” or a toddler who needs to be bribed out of a tantrum.

2. Stick to your list. This is an old piece of wisdom, but one worth following.

3. Beware of specials. Store owners are counting on you being too hurried to work out the math and realize that you’re not saving much, especially if it isn’t something you need.

4. Don’t grab a cart when you only came in for a few items. You’ll feel the need to fill it and won’t realize how much you’re buying.

Follow these easy tips and share with us: How much did you save on your grocery bill this month?