scam alert

WARNING: Scam Alert

Beware of vishing or voice phishing scams that appear to be from financial institutions.  If you receive suspicious phone calls asking you to provide your confidential information, you need to be on guard.  It could be an attempt to get access to your account or to steal your identity.  If you receive phone call of this nature you should simply hang up on the caller.  Never provide your confidential information to anyone.  

 Authorities are reporting “vishing” phone calls from an imposter “Security Officer” or fraud department of financial institution asking them to confirm suspicious transactions on their accounts.   Once the receiver confirms the transactions are not valid, the imposter proceeds to verify by asking you to provide your login id, and other confidential login information such as your password or a secure access code so the imposter can gain access to your accounts by performing a forgot password procedure to login to your accounts.  Then the imposter performs fraudulent transactions. 

 TEGFCU will never contact you asking you to provide, update or verify personal or account information, or any other confidential information.    Protecting our members’ information is TEG’s highest priority.   Please call our Solutions Center if you have any concerns or believe your account information has been compromised.