Celebrate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Earth Day, recognized on April 22, is an annual event that celebrates environmental protection and raises public awareness about pollution. And this year, 2020, is Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. Here are some easy, eco-friendly ideas you can do at home in honor of the holiday.

Plant a garden. Earth Day, April 22, 2020, is the perfect time to plant that garden you’ve always wanted. Many garden centers and home improvement stores are still open, with many offering curbside pickup. Add a burst of color to your property with a row of flowers, try your hand at planting a vegetable garden, or plant a tree!

Learn about recycling. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by learning about local recycling rules and refreshing your knowledge about what happens to the things we recycle. Share this information with your children as they are learning from home.

Learn about the plants in your neighborhood. Bring your daily walk around the neighborhood up a notch by looking out for plants in your area. You can use the Native Plant Finder website to find out which plants are native to your zip code. See how many of these plants you can find on your walk!

Fix your leaky faucet. You may not realize it but those tiny drops of water add up big time when it comes to your water bill. By tightening up your leaky faucet you will cut down on the water you didn’t even realize you were consuming.

Watch a documentary about our planet. Celebrate Earth Day by watching a fascinating documentary about the Earth. Netflix is now running “Our Planet,” an incredible docuseries hosted by David Attenborough that features beautiful footage from around the world. You can also check out Disney+ for Disneynature’s “Elephant” and “Dolphin Reef,” which conveniently offer downloadable activity packets for kids.

Watch the NASA Science Live webcast. The space agency website will host a special edition of the webcast on Earth Day, April 22, at 3 p.m. EDT, featuring agency chief Jim Bridenstine.

Join the Earthfest. The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City is airing an all-day “Earthfest” on Wednesday, April 23. The live-streamed event will feature a full day of activities and education, including a “watch party” at 6 p.m. EDT, where participants can “hop aboard” a live flight to explore our neighboring planets.