Stay informed about what’s going on at TEG! For assistance or more information, give us a call at (845) 452-7323 or visit any of our branch locations.

Holiday Closings

All TEG offices will be closed for the 2016 holidays listed below.

Fraudulent Check Scam Alert

We have been made aware that there are fraudulent TEG Federal Credit Union official checks currently in circulation.  If you receive a TEG official check and are unsure why you received it, please contact us at 845-452-7323 or visit one of our branch locations to talk to a representative.

Safeguard Against Scams!

Remember, lunch is rarely free. Many con artists claim their victims by making them think they have inherited or won a large amount of money or a lottery. If a stranger contacts you with this kind of announcement and then proceeds to tell you how to pay taxes on your winnings or says he needs your Social Security number or financial account number before you can collect your prize, your sudden fortune is probably too good to be true.

Don’t overshare. If you receive a call, e-mail, or text asking you to verify private information like your bank account numbers or Social Security number, hang up or delete the messages without replying. “While you may be asked to provide such information if you seek to open a checking, savings, or credit account, legitimate businesses will not typically contact you with these requests,” says Darryl Mauck, VP, Lending, Collections and Risk Mitigation at TEG Federal Credit Union. “If anyone contacts you to ask for this information, do not give it to them.”

Look out for love. In the age of social media, finding romance online has become increasingly common. However, criminals may try to take advantage of people looking for companionship on the Web, building trust and then requesting money to cover a personal expense. Cut off communication with anyone who makes such a request.

Research charities before you give. Many scam artists prey on people’s kindness. If someone calls you requesting money to support a cause, it is a good idea to research the organization before making a donation. If the charity’s representative is using high-pressure tactics, the organization may not be legitimate.

As an important reminder:

TEG WILL NEVER contact you via PHONE, E-MAIL or TEXT MESSAGE to ask for your personal information. We already have your account numbers and information. If you ever have any doubts about the legitimacy of a phone call or e-mail, call our office at (845) 452-7323 to double check before you give out any information. Subsequently, should someone call, text or e-mail you claiming to provide a benefit or program affiliated with TEG, you SHOULD NOT give them your account information.

However, if you initiate a call to us, we will ask for some identifying information before we disclose any information on your accounts. This also protects you from thieves who want to get easy access to your accounts.

Anyone who receives a phone call or e-mail that purports to be from TEG and asks for account information should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain their personal account data for an illegal purpose and should not follow the instructions, but notify us immediately.