Caring for our Members

We understand the recent outbreak may cause financial challenges for some of our members and we’re here to help you.

As we continue to deal with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please know that service to you in this time of uncertainty is our primary focus. To maintain communication with our membership we have created this page to keep you updated on the steps we are taking to ensure business continuity. To this end, please check back often for updates.

Skip-a-Pay Program: If your income has been effected by coronavirus and want to see if your loan is eligible for a skip-a-pay please contact us by clicking here. 

Mortgage Relief: In order to be considered for a 90-day forbearance or payment modification, you must first let us know about your circumstances and how you are impacted. Deferment is not automatic. If you’re concerned about your ability to make your mortgage payment due to COVID-19 please visit our mortgage assistance page.

Commercial Loans: If you are interested in talking to someone about a commercial loan/ line of credit forbearance as related to the COVID-19 crisis please email Be sure to include your name, email, primary phone number and business address. Please do not include sensitive personal information.


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Please remember: Scammers look for opportunities to take advantage of the vulnerable, especially during times of emergencies or natural disasters. Be cautious of emails, texts, or social media posts that may be selling fake products or information about emerging coronavirus cases. The Federal Trade Commission has a COVID-19 Resource Page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reference Guide – This reference provides info, tips, and tricks for this global pandemic. Use it to learn the basics and to understand how to identify the symptoms of the Coronavirus. This printable quick reference is yours to use, distribute, and share!